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February 25, 2010 1 comment

Hello people (if there’s ever anyone reading this blog), no harm saying it though. Anyway;

I am officially changing my domain, YES AGAIN. This time, I’m at Tumblr, and will be for a while, or permanently. Fingers crossed. That sounded familiar, I think I’ve said it before, few times. Look what happens now. Well, am only human. 😛

So yea, here’s the link to my Tumblr page. It is a page with the same name as this blog, the only difference is the link of the page. CLICK HERE TO “A PLACE CALLED HERE” TUMBLR PAGE! 😀 If you noticed the link name, it is obviously one random name but I got the idea from Santa and I find it damn cute and funny hence, using it. And hey at at least it’s easier to remember than my full name right? 😀

I think I have crush to everything that starts with T. First, I got in love with Twitter (still am actually. Follow me! :D) , and now Tumblr. God knows what’s next. OK I better stop crapping already. Been spending whole day on my Tumblr page and now I need the bed to recharge. LOL. So, decision is yours obviously, to relink or to continue reading OR NOT, feel free, as long as it made you feel good. 🙂

Goodbye WordPress. You will be missed. I’ll still keep this blog though because, I spent DAMN A LOT OF TIME AND HARD WORK UPLOADING photos OK! You have NO idea how troublesome it is to upload the photos in WordPress. 😛 And besides, this blog is not THAT emotional. 😛 Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty damn good blogging site. One of my favourites among all I’ve used before. 😀

Ok, farewell.

p/s: Family trip during CNY will be posted in Tumblr, …soon… 😀

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CNY2010 Day 1 & Quarter Day 2.

February 22, 2010 2 comments


Finally uploaded hundreds of photos in my Facebook for my first two days spent in Ipoh during CNY. So might as well I blog about it before my mood to blog is gone.

So, Ipoh has been an annual thing to my family to visit my bro-in-law’s family and relatives who are staying in Ipoh DUH. Basically we do the same thing every year LOL. Visiting, eat, eat, and … eat. And one thing I don’t understand is why do we have to eat vegetarian on the first day of CNY? Not that am complaining as it tasted damn yummy. 😀

I THINK it was about 2p.m after visiting the first batch of houses in Ipoh, don’t really remember but anyway, then we went to check-in at our hotel to put our stuffs in the room. After settling down, we went out to the Sunway City of Ipoh which is quite near to our hotel, QUITE.

The Lost World of Tambun. 🙂

The place is so beautiful! I love it! The moment you entered the place you’ll feel like Tomb Raider searching for artifacts. HAHA. You’ll get what I meant. There’s hills surrounding the entire theme park as well so it’s pretty cool, makes the place even prettier. Anyway, basically this theme park has nothing much, the usual stuffs I would say, a water theme park of course with slides etc, they also have a dry park which only has FOUR rides. Oh, they have caves and tiger alley, no joke. 🙂

and YES, the place is crazily packed, no surprise there.

Ryan enjoying himself too definitely.

That’s the purpose to the theme park obviously, for the little prince to play with water. LOL. While my eldest sister accompany him, me, my dad, and second sister went and walked around. It was crazily hot. We walked to the cave, but it was closed, so we walked further up and there we are, the tiger alley. It was the feeding time when we reached so all the tigers are out. There’s four only not much, they were beautiful though.

Don’t say I never share. 😀

Then we continued walking and reached the dry park. My dad and sis don’t feel like playing anything because it is SERIOUSLY HOT (which explained why cendols/ice kacang are sold out WTH). So I went and played on my own, rides I played were:

YES you’ve seen this in Genting Highlands. 🙂

and this too. 😀

I felt like am sitting on two huge swings with temporary huge blows of wind to cool myself down a little bit.  After I got down from the rides we went to the cafeteria to cool down.

At the end of the trip in the Lost World. We’re at the VIP parking yo. 😛

More visiting after settling down again in the hotel. Dinner etc etc. You know the drill.

The next day, we went here for breakfast. Crazily lots of people. Then, we went visiting again.

LOL! Ryan sitting on the antique bull? Cow? Buffalo? Whatever it is.

It was so green on the first day when we came. The 2nd day we came, the green are gone. So, you can imagine the heat right?

Done with Ipoh trip! Future posts will be interesting. But it will take a while. So stay tune. 8a.m to 5p.m tomorrow. OMG. Better get to bed soon. Eh, it’s only 8.36p.m, which human will sleep that early. Haha. OK BYE! 🙂

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the return.

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello everybody. I am back from, wherever I was. Today is officially my final day of my semester break/CNY break, whatever you wanna name it. Tomorrow onwards, actually, Tuesday onwards, will be officially my new semester again. And it’s gonna be a tough one, pretty sure. Trying to give my shot to take some heavy subjects with really crazy timing.

8a.m – 12.30p.m is one class, the next class is at 12.30p.m to 5p.m. What the. Like I tweeted, working people can survive 5 days of such timing, am sure I can survive one. 😛

Will update more on new semester when I’m into it. For now, gonna briefly talk about last night’s dinner with my dear friends. Supposingly we’re meeting up at Pavilion but ended up meeting up at Leisure Mall because Pavilion’s Dragon-I is fully booked. So yea, usual stuffs, dinner, chit-chats, and oh, I think this is officially our first “lou sang” together? Made this outing extra special then.

A photo of the “yee sang” to mark our first one together. OK lame. 😀 Second round after Dragon-I, went to Old Town in Rampai Business Park. Stayed there till nearly 2a.m. So yea. That’s pretty much about it. Much fun as usual. 🙂

I have more than 800 photos from my family trip. Will blog about them….. someday. 😀 Am excited to talk about the trip though. SO MUCH FUN till I don’t feel like coming back to KL. Life out of city for now is nice. You’ll know less people and less idiots around. Oh, shouldn’t have said that. I just recalled I’m being called one as well few days back. Oh well. My apologies then. 🙂

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February 12, 2010 2 comments

Hello hello hello! 🙂

Probably one, or two, final posts from me before the blogs and Facebook goes total silent for the next few days. Not to me in my Twitter though. LOL. Anyway, Tropicana City Mall again today and then off to Pavilion.

He’s obsessed with that fountain.

and guess what? He flirts around in Roxy, too. *shakes head*

Red paper bag is mine, and blue paper bag is Ryan’s. HUGE contrast wei HUGE! Oh and sis bought a Roxy. But anyway Cotton On ROCKS MY LIFE! Love that place! Not only it’s darn cheap, OK cheap’s not the word; affordable sounds better, and I somehow love the clothing they offer there. Although girls’ attire dominates the shop as always (duh!) and their pricing is wayyyy cheaper. Hello as low as RM19 per top and guys at least RM59/69? I think. What the. Discrimination man discrimination! 😛 Now who says profit comes from females?! 😛

And oh, not forgetting the bloody queue to TRYOUT the clothes and also to queue again when you’re gonna pay for them. As tweeted by me when I was queuing for tryout at the endless line, they should really expand the numbers of fitting rooms, and I hereby add-on, cashiers. I swear I almost want to give up queuing and just queue at the cashiers to pay for the clothes at that moment. Girls … and guys … in front of me are taking MOUNTAINS of clothes and took one whole day in the fitting room to try out their clothes. So me being coughsmartcough, I do the same. But not as terrible as them la. Haha.

That’s pretty much about it la. Had Snowflakes again. Yummyness. Gotta bounce now. Room cleaning tomorrow. A very last minute one yes indeed. Good night.

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updates for two days.

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Let’s heat up my blog again. 😀

I’ll try to make this post as short as possible because I am extremely exhausted. I left out something for yesterday’s post. The photos in this posts are all taken with my mobile, barely blog with mobile photos anymore so I always tend to forget to rip them out from the phone. Anyway, repaying it now.

Was at Tesco Extra, Cheras with my sister yesterday. Went to get diapers and we found out there’s such thing:

Call me a jakun but I don’t even know such diapers exist! Eh damn cute please! So we ended up buying it, Ryan’s gonna be the model anyway not us. Haha. Limited edition yo! Who knew, diapers has also limited edition stuffs, not only designer labels have limited edition OK. 😀

As for today, if you read my yesterday’s post, you’ll know the hamster story. Hence, I woke up as early as 8.30a.m just to get myself ready to get a new hamster as soon as the shop opens at 10a.m. So I reached exactly at 10a.m, found out the shop opens at 11. Tulah, excited sangat. Came back home in disappointment, went out with sis to my college to pay my resource fees, then to Prudential building to pass some stuffs to clients and then, we’re sorta done.

Hence, went to Tropicana City Mall for a stroll. While having our lunch, sis suddenly said she want to book an appointment for facial. It was about 12.3op.m that time and she booked 2pm. Doosh her. I literally swallow my food just to rush for the time OK. She got off the phone, after a few more bites of my food, aku pun sibuk nak buat. So, I asked her to call and ask if they accept guys, and yes they do. Ada business chimpanzee pun they’ll accept gela. 😀

So, since they accept guys:

Here I am. Inside the changing room, restroom, locker room, whatever room you wanna call it. Beautiful place I would say, exquisite interior, the lights omg it’s LOVE. Dim lights rule. LOL. OK random but anyway, back to the point, the photo was blur because the beautician was actually waiting for me outside to bring me into the facial room and am taking my own sweet time inside this room HAHA. Felt bad hence a quick snap and ta-da, it’s blur. Hmm.

This is officially the MOST EXPENSIVE facial I’ve ever done in 21 years. Don’t ask about the price TQVM. With such price, of course the treatment will be sorta be more “grand” with lots of machines and beauty terms whatever it is. But it’s DEFINITELY enjoyable. 😀

One thing I hate about these beauty salons though, they tend to be very pushy, which I find annoying. But ah well, it’s the business world afterall. I got poisoned by this cleanser they used on me and I extremely love it because it’s DAMN COOLING, and it is different from the typical foamy facial cleanser most of us are using. It works like a mask where you spread the cleansing cream on your face and leave it for 15-30minutes, then massage and rinse it off. At first I went, WHAT THE, 30 minutes gone just to wash my face? But at the bright side, it’s 30 minutes of heaven.

I ended up bought this “sample” pack called the Sceptic Challenge Pack. Wow. Guess who’s being skeptical now huh? LOL. And yes, as you can see, Dermedex is the brand and it’s from Singapore. Hmmmm. As much as I dislike that place, I will still try on them first. Checked on several forums, noticed TONNES of positive comments on these products so I’ll check them out myself and do a POV maybe? 😛

Facial took few hours. After that, both my sisters wanted to go for mani/pedi hence, we went and hunt for countless mani/pedi salons. All of them were fully booked. What the. Didn’t know mani/pedi has good market. LOL. So, we ended up going for another stroll in the mall. LOL.

Oh yea,

meet Cornflake, the new female hamster to accompany Tofu. Thankfully they both didn’t fight and seem to be living well together right now. Bagus. 🙂

Went into Ripcurl/Mooks and tried on few clothes,

Taken before I start trying them clothes. I love the clothes I’d tried but no sizes left. Emo.

and also brought Little Ryan to the newly-opened playland. Pretty peaceful as there’s no other kids around, hence, Ryan can run around peacefully but the thing is, the security measures isn’t that good in my opinion, compared to Jungle Gym or Kidz Gym. But ah well, the entrance price is incomparable so yea. 😀

OKAY AM DONE! NEED SLEEP! ROOM CLEANING STARTS and SHOULD END tomorrow! Gonna take at least half a day to clean my room am sure. Sighh. Good night.

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Random thoughts [110210].

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Clock is currently showing 12.43A.M,
I found a HUGE discovery and was “mesmerized”! OK that probably not the correct word to use to explain this discovery but whatever it is, it’s interesting and I’m glad I found out.

Reached home around 11p.m, got ready to go to the bathroom to take my bath. As my hamsters are placed at this small area outside the bathroom, I usually will take a look at them and disturb them a little. Turned out they were sleeping so I just looked at them. The thing here is, one of them was sleeping on its back. Simply said, all four paws will spread wide (it’s damn cute I swear) and obviously you can see the part underneath.

Guess what I saw?! Turned out it has BALLS! 😛 I swear I was shocked! Because when I first bought them back, I brought them to Grace’s house and we took God knows how long to SORTA confirmed that they were all females. WHY? Because male hamsters have this yellow-stained scent glands at the center of its body but the female doesn’t. And obviously at that time, all 3 of them doesn’t have that yellow stain.

Once in a while, while cleaning their cage, I do still check whether or not we were wrong. I was pretty sure that we were right, until today that is. Just suddenly, it have balls and the yellow stain. I find it damnnn weird because how come suddenly it will show after so long. So I went and searched the Internet (the power of WWW :P), found out that:


Source: http://www.dhassa.co.uk/hamsters/faqs.htm

Why does my male hamster have a big bum?

In warm conditions or when he is asleep, a male hamster will let his balls drop out. These can look very big and sometimes alarm a hamster owner. He will pull them back when he is active, or if you lightly touch one. As a hamster becomes old, he is less active and you are more likely to see this.


I guess this few sentences cleared my doubt. So this is why they’ve been hiding their…. balls. What the. Where can like that one?! 😛 Must be the bloody hot weather recently triggered their urge to bring it out. HAHA. And YES, it certainly did alarm me, the owner. LOL.

Then I got excited and wake them all up. LOL. Took one by one out, guess what? Found out TWO of of three hamsters are males! WHAT THE! That explains the frequent threesome they had. 😀 Am just kidding. But seriously?! Definitely one discovery man. Am gonna separate them. Actually I already did. Thankfully I have an extra cage. So basically now two males are living together, and leaving the female a loner. Awww. Am gonna go get another female tomorrow to accompany it. Besides I have 3 30% discount vouchers when I purchase small animals. But argh hamsters are not even expensive in the first place so no biggie. Wheee am gonna have 4 hammies. 😀 Prays hard they won’t fight when I put them together tomorrow. Or else there’ll be lots of work for me to do. Found a LONG procedure when introducing a new hamster to existing hamsters. Gosh.


Okay am done with the ball story. Moving on to the upcoming CNY celebration in about 4 days time? And guess what? I’m not even done shopping (which is SO NOT me!), got no mood to shop la, says a shopaholic.  Besides I have few clothes which I bought some time ago belum start pakai also (which is also so not me). So that can be considered as “new year” clothes la kan? 😀 But I’ll be going for shopping tomorrow though. Will see how it goes.

Secondly, am not done cleaning my room! In fact I haven’t even started cleaning it. Am doomed, knowing there’s so many “rubbish” in my room. I need to pack for my family vacation too. OK la it’s not somewhere far but still, have to pack also kan.

This is gonna be such a weird CNY to me this year. No gambling! (I quitted few years back, PROUD! :D) and maybe it’s the aging problem, that I don’t feel excited at all for this festive season. Am only friggin’ 22 for God sake and I’m already feeling this way, what if I go 35? I’ll just continue sleeping at home on the first day of CNY? 😀 LOL.

Okay, enough crapping. Gonna wake up early to get new hammy. Wheee. Damn semangat when it comes to this kinda stuffs. Kan baik if such feeling happen to studies. 20% pun cukup.


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Owl City craze.

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment
Once upon a time, Owl City is barely known by lots of people around the world but soon (now actually) am sure everyone would’ve heard of Owl City with the famous single, Fireflies.
I personally LOVE that song a lot and it’s like my media player is spoilt because I went on repeat frenzy of that song. The song went playing again and again. Yeah am nuts when it comes to listening to music. Became a huge fan, listened to all of his other songs. And I’m loving every single song of all 3 albums. If you love Fireflies, you’ll love all his songs, trust me. 😀
Few posts back, I posted about his latest single, Vanilla Twilight. The song has been playing in radio so frequently. Major happiness when I hear that song playing. I even once got so addicted that I requested for it. 😛 Now, am addicted to another one.
Hot Air Balloon
Owl City

We wrote a prelude
to our own fairy tale
and bought a parachute
at a church rummage sale

and with a mean sewing machine
and miles of thread
we sewed the day above L.A.
in navy and red
we roamed a racetrack
through your mom’s kitchen chairs
and fought the shadows
back down your dark basement stairs
I lit a match then let it catch
to light up the room
and then you yelled as we beheld
an old maroon hot air balloon

I’ll be out of my mind
and you’ll be out of ideas pretty soon
so let’s spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon
leave your jacket behind
lean out and touch the tree tops over town
I can’t wait to kiss the ground
wherever we touch back down

We drank the great lakes
like cold lemonade
and both got stomach aches,
sprawled out in the shade
so bored to death,
you held your breath
and I tried not to yawn
you made my frown turn upside down
and now my worries are gone

I’ll be out of my mind
and you’ll be out of ideas pretty soon
so let’s spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon
leave your jacket behind
lean out and touch the tree tops over town
I can’t wait to kiss the ground
wherever we touch back down (X2)

I actually find his songs very hard to memorize. Because the verses are not as repetitive as most songs nowadays. It’s like telling a story. But anyway, still fantastic. 😀 OKAY I know another random post from me. 😛
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