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Switch it.

Hello people (if there’s ever anyone reading this blog), no harm saying it though. Anyway;

I am officially changing my domain, YES AGAIN. This time, I’m at Tumblr, and will be for a while, or permanently. Fingers crossed. That sounded familiar, I think I’ve said it before, few times. Look what happens now. Well, am only human. 😛

So yea, here’s the link to my Tumblr page. It is a page with the same name as this blog, the only difference is the link of the page. CLICK HERE TO “A PLACE CALLED HERE” TUMBLR PAGE! 😀 If you noticed the link name, it is obviously one random name but I got the idea from Santa and I find it damn cute and funny hence, using it. And hey at at least it’s easier to remember than my full name right? 😀

I think I have crush to everything that starts with T. First, I got in love with Twitter (still am actually. Follow me! :D) , and now Tumblr. God knows what’s next. OK I better stop crapping already. Been spending whole day on my Tumblr page and now I need the bed to recharge. LOL. So, decision is yours obviously, to relink or to continue reading OR NOT, feel free, as long as it made you feel good. 🙂

Goodbye WordPress. You will be missed. I’ll still keep this blog though because, I spent DAMN A LOT OF TIME AND HARD WORK UPLOADING photos OK! You have NO idea how troublesome it is to upload the photos in WordPress. 😛 And besides, this blog is not THAT emotional. 😛 Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty damn good blogging site. One of my favourites among all I’ve used before. 😀

Ok, farewell.

p/s: Family trip during CNY will be posted in Tumblr, …soon… 😀

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